Slingshot 284

Recently arrived is the latest edition of Slingshot, the Journal of the Society of Ancients. It has been somewhat delayed, being the September issue, but to be honest it has been well worth the wait.

This edition has seen the page count pushed out to 52 pages many of which are now colour. Better still is the interesting mix of articles. As way of detail here is what is covered in this edition.

  • Editorial: Slings & Arrows
  • Guardroom
  • How many dead?, by Andrew Hobley
  • The Wrong Procopius, by Jim Sye
  • The Battle of Clontarf, by Mick Hession
  • Catalan Fleet, Sicilian Vespers, by Jim Webster
  • Transjordanian Tales, Part One: Ramesses Attacks!, by Alastair McBeath
  • DBA Tournament Reports, by Martin Smith
  • I Come to Praise Warmaster … , by Justin Taylor & Rick Priestley
  • Wargames Competitions Made Simple, by Ray Briggs
  • Adapting the Day of Battle Command System to Command & Colors Games, by Chris Parker
  • Game & Figure Reviews, by Christopher Kay, John Curry, Fred Cartwright, Dave Gee & David Edwards
  • Book Reviews, by John Walsh, Dave Gee, Duncan Head, Anthony Clipsom & John Hastings

While not well read on Dark Ages battles I rather enjoyed the article on Clontarf and of course enjoying DBA found Martin Smith’s tournament reports in the UK of particular interest. The article on casualties was also of interest, focussed as it was on classic battles. Better still is there remain plenty of other articles to read over the coming evenings.

If you have an interest in the Ancient and Medieval military history I would recommend a subscription. Details can be founds here.

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