A Portal to the Wargames Room

I thought it timely that I revisit my wargaming web presence. Especially so as my main wargaming site now being somewhat tired in appearance, and short on disk space. In addition my old blog site is now so full of articles that its design seems somewhat clumsy. Combined these factors suggest a cleanout is in order.

My intent is to run this page as a portal with specific areas of activity at The Wargames Room easily accessable to visitors based on specific areas of interest. There will of course be the odd general item posted here but by in large my intent is to focus on the specific areas of interest. As such I encourage you to visit this portal site to see both general news as well as the updated informationon on specific periods and rulesets.

I trust that over the coming weeks you revisit this site and that in time you find something of interest thus encouraging you to visit on a regular basis.


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